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our story


Our journey begun in 2009 when we realized that we wanted to contribute in helping to change the world!  Our company started by providing solutions for e-mobility, focusing in electric vehicles and in clean distributed power generation devices that in our mind, go hand in hand.  We believe that by promoting and spreading the use of electric vehicles and distributed power generation methods, we help making the planet a better place to live, and we contribute to combat Global Warming.  Our main product, the ePark, provides AC power through a standard household electric socket (120VAC or 240VAC) which can power any electric device.  All we need is sun!

our values

We believe that the base for a solid, social-responsible and succesfull longterm project must pivot around core values shared between all stakeholders, including employees, partners, suppliers and our customers!

  • Respect for the environment, contributing to build a better and responsible society.


  • Honest, ethical and transparent business practice, sharing a common global focus.

  • Contribute to promote social economic development by offering local distributed power generation solutions

global reach

We believe that sustainable and responsible power generation is a global technological breakthrough and needs to be further promoted.  One of our goals is to contribute to the global social economic development while improving the quality of life of the society at large. Our product ePark can be operated anywhere around the globe, including remote areas where grid electricity is not accessible.  We believe that by offering clean distributed power generation solutions we can contribute to the social, economic and employment development of local communities in a sustainable and technological longterm manner.

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