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ePark Recharging Station


In an effort to improve the quality of our urban environment while contributing to decrease Global Warming, we have developed a sustainable photovoltaic outdoor recharging station for electric devices offering a universal 120 VAC (220 VAC in Europe) power outlet capable of charging any electrical device or appliance of up to 1000W of power.  The ePark can be installed in a park, on a side walk, in a parking lot, public beach, or any other place with moderate solar radiation.  The ePark provides a versatile charging solution for cities and local municipalities while avoiding costly civil infrastructures.


The ePark provides 120VAC or 240VAC (Europe) power for up to 1000W for convenient recharging any electric device such as smartphones, computers, drones, e-bikes, e-scooters, etc.

The ePark smart technology can provide valuable data such as power generation, cumulative power consumption of an user, availability status, and more.

Its robust and durable design has been conceived with the highest industry standards in mind in terms of health and safety protection and outdoor urban planning best practices.

The original R&D project for the development of the ePark was funded in part through the Inncorpora sub program from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

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